Vipassana Meditation Center – Bodh Gaya | Dhamma Bodhi | International Vipassana Meditation Center

#vipassana#bodhgaya#dhammabodhi#vipassanameditation# about this video ๐Ÿ‘‡ Vipassana Meditation is the pure knowledge about your self, world, your problem, everything related to you and your attachment If you are a student then must do this * Vipassana Meditation Benefits * 1- Increase your stamina 2- Develop your confidence level 3- A PhD course about you and your mind 4 – The art of living on the Right direction 5- Solve your all problem 6- Remove your any type of bad addition 7- Made mentally and physically strong 8 – Increase your memory power 9- After do this you control mind 10- You understand God and everything about spirituality There are many many benefits you gain and understand your self So my opening every people do this and Be happy * Sab ka Mangal ho * Sab ka Bhala ho * Sabhi healthy rahe * Sab ka Kalyan ho ๐Ÿ™ Bhavatu Sabb Mangalam ๐Ÿ™






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