Quick 11 min. Chakra Tune-up with Himalayan Singing Bowls w/Time Stamps. All 7 Chakras Healed! OM!

Quick 11 min. Chakra Tune-up with Himalayan Singing Bowls HD For those busy people…who need a fast and effective 7 Chakra tune-up…anytime…anywhere… Good for morning or lunchtime Chakra adjustments..or just before bed for great dreaming… Really anytime you feel stressed out..and need some relaxing moments…fast… Your Chakras and physical body will thank you for it! 00:00 Intro 00:53 Root Chakra ~ 1st Chakra ~ Muladhara 02:39 Sacral Chakra ~ 2nd Chakra ~ Svadhisthana 04:22 Solar Plexus Chakra ~ 3rd Chakra ~ Manipura 06:12 Heart Chakra ~ 4th Chakra ~ Anahata 07:49 Throat Chakra ~ 5th Chakra ~ Vishuddha 08:54 3rd Eye Chakra ~ 6th Chakra ~ Ajna 09:55 Crown Chakra ~ 7th Chakra ~ Sahasrara 11:43 All 7 Bowls together including Octave/8th bowl note C to complete Meditation. 12:28 Contact Info ~ Temple Sounds Breathe deeply and give good energy to every Chakra with every note of the Himalayan Singing Bowls. 7 Bowls are used…1 for each Chakra… Each bowl is struck 3 times. Starting with the Root Chakra at the base of the spine..and working your way up to the highest Chakra at the top of the head… until all 7 Chakras are in alignment. *Be sure to go to the Temple Sounds Youtube PLAY LIST SECTION for more great videos! ** If this video made your day brighter… *** Click on the green Buddha to subscribe and you can also click the bell for upcoming video notifications! ****Help support the Temple Sounds Meditation Channel with your personal and gifting purchases at www.templesounds.net Every contribution helps us to create new video content and sustain and grow this channel! Fan Funding & Tip Jar links below… Paypal.me/TempleSounds For a one time contribution! Patreon.com/TempleSounds For regular monthly contributions! *Full Disclaimer: This recording along with any other recordings on this channel should not be used as a substitute for any medical care you may be receiving. You should always refer to a doctor when necessary. Do not listen while driving or operating machinery. Temple Sounds and Emile de Leon are not a medical professionals. Do not use this video as a substitute for seeking medical advice. Do not play at high volume levels. All the information presented on the Temple Sounds website, newsletter, articles, and music and/or videos are for educational and resource purposes only. It is there to help you make informed decisions about meditation and wellness issues. It is NOT a substitute for any advice given to you by your physician or public health authorities. Always consult your physician or healthcare provider before beginning any meditation program. While the utmost care is taken to make sure the information presented is correct, errors can happen and new research can change positions. Use of the programs, advice, and information contained in these website, newsletter, articles, music, and videos, is at the sole choice and risk of the reader and listener/viewer. We try our best to make sure that the information that we provide to you is accurate. The articles, music and videos on our Youtube channel and website are for information purposes only and we are NOT LIABLE for any losses or damages which may occur through your use of any information or products which you obtain through the website, newsletter and articles or any of our affiliated websites, music or videos. Please understand that you are solely responsible for the way you perceive and utilize information on the Temple Sounds website, newsletter, articles, music and videos and you do so at your own risk. In no way will Temple Sounds or any persons associated with Temple Sounds be held responsible for any injuries or problems that may occur due to the use of this website, Youtube channel, or the advice contained within. Temple Sounds will not be held responsible for the conduct of any companies and/or websites recommended or discussed within this site. By entering this website or purchasing or using our blog, e-mails, programs, services, music, videos, and/or products, you are agreeing to accept all parts of this disclaimer. Thus, if you do not agree to this disclaimer, PLEASE STOP NOW, as Temple Sounds and Emile de Leon kindly request that you do not use our website, blog, e-mails, programs, services, or products. WE MAKE NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO THE OPERATION OF THIS WEBSITE AND YOUTUBE CHANNEL, THE INFORMATION, CONTENT, MATERIALS, PROGRAMS, SERVICES, OR PRODUCTS INCLUDED ON THE WEBSITE. TO THE FULL EXTENT PERMISSIBLE BY APPLICABLE LAW, WE DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES; EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. WE WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES OF ANY KIND ARISING FROM THE USE OF THIS WEBSITE AND YOUTUBE CHANNEL, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, EQUITABLE, PUNITIVE AND/OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. All Photography & Video/Sound Production Copyright by Emile de Leon/www.TempleSounds.net






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