Pyramid Spritual Meditation Centre in Bengaluru |# PMC Kannada.

Pyramid Spritual Meditation Centre in Bengaluru |# PMC Kannada.

PMC is a unique #meditation channel .. the first of its kind in the world .. established in the year 2018. #PMC envisions and endeavours to make universal spiritual truths reach the whole of mankind through positive media. The intent of #Pyramid Meditation Channel is to achieve and establish a society which has as its fundamental traits as vegetarianism and non-violence. PMC aspires for establishing a #peaceful meditative world. PMC is a transformative media which will present “Truth As It Is”. PMC showcases the spiritual services offered by the #PSSM in around 10,000 energy zones, through the combined efforts of around 1,44,000 pyramid masters for the past 27 years. PMC has more than a million-plus viewer base reach at present. PMC is a weapon to spread truths. Spiritual and holistic living through the messages of a multitude of gurus and spiritual masters .. past and present.. whose success stories can be eye-openers to masses of individuals across the world. PMC is the VOICE of all pyramid masters and is meant to spread the great truths of pyramid energy and #Anapanasati #Breath#Meditation throughout the globe. PMC is launching itself currently as a web-based channel with its headquarters based at Hyderabad, #Telangana. However, it shall, in due course, extend itself as a #satellite-based channel in the near future. Install PMC App Today and Watch Pyramid Meditation Channel Online on your Mobile






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