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Ma Anand Sheela is an Indian-Swiss woman who was the spokesperson of the Rajneesh movement (aka Osho movement). In 1986, she was convicted for attempted …

Movement: Rajneesh (Osho)‎

Other names: Sheela Silverman, Sheela Birnst…

Criminal status: Sentence served

Term: 1981–1985

Searching for Sheela · ‎1984 Rajneeshee bioterror · ‎David Berry Knapp

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What happened between Sheela and Osho?

Who is Sheela in Osho?

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Why was Sheela jailed?


Free Sex & Samadhi! Everything You Need To Know About …

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14-Apr-2021 — Sheela denied having any physical relationship with Osho. “There was no sex with Osho. Our relationship was not sexual.


52:17Ma Anand Sheela – From Bhagwan Rajneesh To Osho’s Wild …YouTube · BeerBiceps52 minutes, 17 seconds09-Aug-2022

14 key moments in this video

  1. From 00:00Introduction
  2. From 03:14First thoughts
  3. From 07:52On the USA & their govt.
  4. From 12:20On America
  5. From 14:32On OSHO’s learnings
  6. From 22:48On sexual rights
  7. From 32:07On reincarnation
  8. From 33:53Addiction & Intoxication
  9. From 37:44Meditation & Spirituality
  10. From 39:54Advice to Ranveer
  11. From 41:47Polyamory & monogamy
  12. From 47:15Osho & Ma Sheela together
  13. From 48:36Last thoughts
  14. From 50:49End of the podcast

11:00Opinion | ‘Wasn’t Looking for Spirituality’: Ma Anand Sheela on …YouTube · The Quint11 minutes19-Jan-2021

3 key moments in this video

21:54Ma Anand Sheela: Exclusive Interview With Hindi Subtitles …YouTube · News18 Punjab/Haryana/Himachal21 minutes, 54 seconds04-May-2022

8 key moments in this videoView all

How Ma Anand Sheela found sexual liberation at the Osho …

Live Minthttps://lifestyle.livemint.com › news › talking-point

11-Oct-2020 — Sheela and Chinmaya, too, were now exploring their sexuality in grounds beyond the borders, by joining the ranks of Bhagwan-licensed spiritual …

Ma Anand Sheela opens up about her relationship with Osho …

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30-Sept-2019 — In conversation with Karan Johar, Ma Anand Sheela spoke candidly about life inside Osho’s communes, her feelings for the controversial guru …

Ma Anand Sheela (@maanand.sheela) • Instagram photos …

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Official Account of Ma Anand Sheela. India visit’s profile picture. India visit. Memories’s profile picture. Memories. Osho’s profile picture. Osho.

Ma Anand Sheela On The Dementia Temple, Why She Still …

Entrepreneurhttps://www.entrepreneur.com › en-in › lifestyle › ma-…

01-Oct-2022 — In 2018, Gen Z, or whatever this current generation is referred to as currently, got a crash course to the world of Osho Rajneesh when Netflix …

Ma Anand Sheela says Wild Wild Country ‘backfired on them …

The Indian Expresshttps://indianexpress.com › Entertainment › Web series

10-Aug-2022 — Newsguard. ma anand sheela documentary teaser Ma Anand Sheela served as an aide to Osho before they had a falling-out.

Ma Anand Sheela on Being Accused of Betraying Osho …

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21-Apr-2021 — Speaking to The Quint, Sheela spoke about returning to Indian after 34 long years, and surprised us by revealing that she had not seen Wild Wild …

Why were Osho’s followers in Rajneeshpuram comfortable …

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4 answers

Why were Osho’s followers in Rajneeshpuram comfortable with Ma Anand Sheela’s crass, offensive public persona?






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