I understand English very well, but I am unable to speak English” – My two practical tips for you

Here is the link to install EngVarta app: https://engv.in/aleena ———————- “I understand English but I am unable to speak it”. This problem is so common, millions of people face it. There’s a frustrating gap that one feels (between being able understand English vs not being able to speak English). But don’t think that it’s a problem. I want you to change your attitude towards it. Just think like on the scale from 0 to 10, you’re currently somewhere on 3-4-5. So you just have to increase your standing on that scale. Think about other languages you don’t even understand. Do you understand Russian? German?. That means you have a great headstart with English. Most of the work has been done already. Understanding a language is no small feat. And it’s the second language we are learning after our mother tongue after all. Speaking is a separate activity for which you have to train yourself separately. Since you already understand English it will not be too difficult. What’s missing are 2 things: 1. Proactive practice Don’t wait for situations and depend on them for your practice. Proactively make time and effort and practise English. To start with, try practising daily for 15 minutes. 2. Courage In addition to practising, you have to show courage when situations come which require you to speak in English. Don’t run away. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Show some courage. You’ll soon realise you were making a bigger deal out of it than it really is.






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