Beginners Meditation for Peace of Mind in Hindi | Inner Peace MEDITATION Full Self Healing Om Shanti

Do you want Meditation for peace of mind? This Hindi Meditation Video will work as self healing meditation. This 15 minutes basic meditation video is helpful for those who are looking for inner peace meditation. You can control your mind and thoughts from this simple meditation. Use your HEADPHONE and sit in a calm and comfortable body posture before doing meditation. This is very basic meditation video for beginners who are looking for inner peace and control of negative and excessive thinking. This Hindi meditation video may stop you from overthinking. You can also use this High Quality ( Stereo / 3D Sound) as a sleep meditation and getting yourself filled with postive attitude and energy. The affirmations in this video will calm your soul. Listen to this guided mindfulness meditation full audio in morning / evening / night as per your needs and time available to you. You will realise that you are a soul and not just a body. You will affirm that your problems are not your actually! This Om Shanti meditation is useful to all like students, children, adults, men, women, employed people etc. ◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄►►►►►►►► ☑️ 1 क्लिक में SUBSCRIBE:    / @jeetfixofficial  






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